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The honorees – Bessie Dennis, Patricia Fleurinord, Angela “Myammee” Pitts, Bob Hyde, and Melvin Wright – have dedicated their time, energy and passion into educating, advocating, teaching and reaching others with powerful messages on treatment, prevention, and all things HIV/AIDS.

As we began listening and reading, we learned more.“I am so grateful to God that we still have my grand-daughter with us.I am proud of her and how she is willing to use her time to speak to youths and others about AIDS,” stated Publisher Emeritus of the Westside Gazette, Levi Henry, Jr.We wanted to dispel the belief that AIDS would be caught by shaking hands, hugging someone with the disease or using the same restroom facilities.We knew it was important to show love to our family member and others who were fighting the disease…

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As long as your pregnancy is going well, having a water birth is perfectly safe.

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